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Huge alligator gar shown below.


The legend and History of the Gar Fish and its Amazing Scales


The fresh water gar of North America are vicious predators, typically growing to over 100 lbs. and eating 1/3 their own weight each day. A 150 lb. female will lay a million eggs each year.

The gar fish has enamel bone scales, shaped like diamonds or arrowheads. Scales from the same location on a fish can be matched for use in necklace’s, earrings, bracelets, etc.. The scales are smooth and white with a subtle delicate pattern. Being enamel they are very lustrous.



My daughter Angela Rauch in Cayman, wearing gar scale necklace and matching earrings.

My young son, Scott, found my first gar scale on the banks of Lake Texoma in southern Oklahoma in the 70's