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El Cazador Shipwreck

1/2 reales dated 1783

Condition Fine ~ Price $525.00


14k 1.4 gm gold frame; width w/frame 19.3 mm

The Wreck Of The "El Cazador"
Pieces of eight (eight reales) are the largest of the Spanish
silver coins. Other Denominations are 4, 2, 1 & 1/2 Reales, all
fractional sizes of the eight. These dated shipwreck silver coins
were recovered from the brigantine (warship) "El Cazador."
The coins were newly minted in 1783 in Mexico City under
King Charles III and were dispatched in 1784 from Vera
Cruz, intended for New Orleans. History was altered by the
untimely wreck of this warship on its special mission to North
America. The information presented here will hopefully add to your understanding and appreciation of the coin shown below. We know you will throughly enjoy this ancient artifact from the past.

OBVERSE: Bust of Charles III
INSCRIPTION: DEI-GRATIA-1783-CAROLUS-III (By the Grace of Charles III & year minted, 1783)

REVERSE: Spanish Crown over Castles & Lions on Shield, quartered by Cross, with Pillars of Hercules on either side. Banners on Pillars read PLUS ULTRA (More Beyond).

INSCRIPTION: HISPAN-ET-IND-REX (King of Spain & the Indies); M with small "o" over (Mint Mark for Mexico City); 8R, 4R, 2R, 1R or H (Denomination); F-F (Assayer's Initials)